Dear friend,
Do you want to learn how to use Web 2.0 Social Media to become a millionaire overnight? How would you like to increase your Twitter followers by eleventy-billion in 3.68 seconds? Do you want to use Twitter to make a gazillion dollars through affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing schemes? Do you use the term "Twitter Coach" to describe yourself?

Great news! You're well on your way to becoming a Social Media DouchebagTM already!


I hadn't planned on putting up a press site, mostly because I didn't expect the site to travel as far as it did, as quickly as it did. But approximately 24 hours after launch, it's been posted about on Ad Age Magazine's website and got a plug on Nerve.Com's site as their "new favorite website". So, it's a short list so far, but who knows where it will go.

And if you're using the Complete Social Media Douchebag in a presentation, website or class, please do let me know.